Do you suffer with heel pain due to plantar fasciitis? Does the pain interfere with your life or prevent you from exercising, running, or even walking normally? Dr. Field has the solution – and now you can effectively relieve your pain in the comfort of your home!
Dr Field Heel Pain Relief Doctor

  • All-in-one home therapy program for acute and chronic plantar fasciitis that you can use at your convenience.
  • A multi-therapeutic approach using top quality products, including complete instructions, designed to end the confusion of how to treat plantar fasciitis.
  • Safe, easy-to-use and affordable.
  • Developed by a podiatrist/surgeon with over 37 years in practice, and experience with more than 12,000 cases of plantar fasciitis.

Why suffer with heel pain? Get Dr. Field’s Heel Pain Relief Kit and be on your way to becoming pain free!

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Heel Pain Relief Night Split

Night Splint

Heel Pain Relief Roller

Therapeutic Massage Roller

Heel Pain Relief Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic Insoles

Heel Pain Relief Icepack

Reusable Cold Pack

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Brochure

Complete Instructions and Recommendations